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About us

24×7 support is in Suno in the province of Novara (north-west Italy), 20 minutes far from Malpensa Cargo, an hour from Milan and one hour from Turin, located on the A26 (Gravellona-Genova) near the confluence of the A8 EA9 Lakes ( Varese and Como) and close to the A4 motorway (15 km from the nearest exit).

We work more generally in European Community and Switzerland (then with a range within 2,000 km, but occasionally we also run deliveries in Northern Europe with destinations such as in Scandinavia).

We have two E6 vans covered by insurance for vector responsability and equipped with satellite systems:

  • Ford Transit Custom Van: maximum capacity 800 kg load capacity 3 Euro pallets (max h 135 cm)
  • Fiat Ducato Maxi van XL (extra long wheelbase high roof): maximum capacity 1260 kg load capacity 5 pallet

We are registered to the Italian “albo nazionale degli autrasportatori” since 2002 (max 115 Q), registered to REN  and enabled to national and international transports.